Thursday, September 27, 2007

RDQLUS Happenings: NikeID Winner? Oh Word? Word!

Okay, so on a whim, fueled by my love of custom sneakers and creativity the like, I cuised on over to Nike's NikeID site to enter their recent Dunk Premium design competition. Literally thousands of people entered (often multiple designs) to try their hand at shoe design and perhaps get some props for the skills.

Well.. Fast forward to this morning when I get an email pop up that the contest is over and they have a sinner. Awww, not me? But hey props to the kid that won grand prize, right? So I'm checking out the page and the hot designs and I notice one that is shockingly similar to mine... but it's not. BUT THE ONE JUST BELOW THAT ONE IS!!!!! WHAT!?

Complete with cheeseball photo that I never thought would see the light of day and my own description of my design, Nike has given a sneakerhead kid like me one of those life dreams come true: I've designed a Nike shoe! Not like I haven't before but this time it's not hanging on my Mama's fridge! Nike likes me, they REALLY like me!


Shawn said...

The Donut wears 11, that E-leb-um. Take care of the Donut.

devon said...

THAT is hysterical!!!
you look like a throwback from the 80's. i think i had those sunglasses.