Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 Inches of Pure Madness! Pt. 1

It only takes a glance at my profile to know that I'm a Midwest cat and the Mid is known for a few things, perhaps most notorious is our very erratic weather. Tornado-laden springs, scorching summers and winters straight out of a action adventure set in the Arctic. So when I see weather patterns hit other cities, I love to gauge the reaction of he place on the whole.

Enter Seattle, Washington…

Now I had a lot to say but as I got to writing this I didn't want the good peeps of SeaTown to think I was just hating out their burg. So I will just say that I played witness to some of the most bizarre reactions to a 4" snow. As i talked to more and more people I came to empathize with Seattle-ites about the plight of the current climate challenge. But fully understand it, mah, that's not going to happen.

Seattle I dig you, but you can't get mad if I chuckle just a bit, can you?

To be continued…

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