Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This Moment of Clarity…

So we've come to it. The day has come for all of the ads to stop and the votes to be cast. We will all breathe a collective sigh of relief as we lay down our choices and walk away with clear hearts and resolved minds. For some this history-making moment is bigger than anything we've seen.

Some know of my younger days growing up in almost stereotypical scenarios for a young Black male in the U.S. But striving to succeed in life and exceed expectations was always the mantra of the day for my mama. There wasn't a day that past that she didn't press hard on me to do better, not as some false hope and fairy wishes, but truly because she knew I could truly do somethign better. So I strived to make her proud even when I didn't quite know the outcome myself. But then it became a survival tactic. Trust me with all the things I've seen and been thru it was more of a running "stride" as my mother's belief in better for me became my own life-sustaining call to action. "RUN!", she would tell me, "Play this game and win!" So That's what I've done to this point and will always do.

This is where I come from… my old housing project in North Omaha, NE

But I bet my mother never thought she'd see it; A day like today.She's a woman of faith so belief in things unseen is what she has but with her own eyes, a child of the 50s & 60s, I bet she never thought the day would come when there is a good example of hope.

This is where I'm headed… around the corner from my polling place as I walk to vote.

Well Ma', here I am. At my polling place ready to at the very least have my voice be heard. Your own young Black man, about to cast a vote for one of my own who has a real chance at being the President of the United States of America. I'm crying while I write this because win or lose, I can't believe it myself. I don't care about politics. I care about life and hope and dreaming of things we want but feel we cannot reach. Well, reach people. REACH! You might just get your hands on something good.


Chris said...


Thanks for the post. It's a spot-on sentiment for many, many people today.


Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Beautiful, my friend. Thanks for sharing with us all.

mooth said...

Just awesome, Steve. This is bigger than all of us.